Makeup Monday: Monthly Beauty Craves

I have a slight (very pricey) obsession with trying new products. I am always scouring the web for new beauty products. Not going to lie- I can spend hours watching youtube beauty videos! Theyre so addictive, and I love to learn what products are working for everyone! Here is a list of what new products I am hoping to try soon:

1. Benefit: World Famous Neutrals – Most Glamorous Nudes Ever – I love me a neutral palette, and I love cream eyeshadows! These seem like such beautiful colors that will flatter any eye color!

2. Benefit : Fine One One – I’ve seen some negative and positive reviews on this products. Its supposed to be a one step highlighter and blush in one, plus you can use it on your lips. I think this would be a great product to have on the go to add some color to your face! I love benefit blushes, so I look forward to trying this one!

3. Benefit: Fake Up– I am always looking for a good concealer. I have tried so many, and while they were good, they seemed to be too drying for my skin. This concealer has vitamin e and apple seed extract, which sounds (and looks) to be super moisturizing! Definitely something I need!

4. St.Tropez: Spraycation Kit – I love St.Tropez products! Their mousse is probably my favorite self tanning product; however I get a bit lazy sometimes and use spray self tanners. I haven’t found a good spray self tanner yet, and I am sure this color will be just perfect! After this winter, I am in desperate need of some color!


5. DryBar: The Morning After Shower CapThe Morning After Shower Cap
 – Ok, I was a bit skeptical about this product. Im not crazy about shower caps because they never seem to work! This baby seems to be the answer to all my showerly prayers! It is lined with terry cloth and has a super tight elastic band to keep the water from coming in. Out of all these products, I am probably most looking forward to this one!

6. Lea Journo: Revive French Plum Oil – I cannot say enough good things about applying oil on to your skin. I’ll probably do a separate blog post on this topic, but I just wanted to mention this new oil that came out. I haven’t heard much about plum oil and its benefits, but seeing from the reviews, it looks like a great product! This a definite addition to my facial oil collection.

Have you tried any of these products? What products are you looking froward to trying? Let me know!

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