How to Grow Your Eyelashes

Whenever I read or watched anything regarding growing ones hair, I never really believed it. I tried so many different methods and yet nothing seamed to truly help grow my hair. This led me to be quite skeptical about the possibility of growing out ones eyelashes. I just thought it’s too good to be true! However, I decided to dedicate a couple of months to testing if it is indeed a possibility and lo and behold I found a method that truly works! I got my friends and my mom to try it, and it actually worked for my mom! She saw my results and didn’t think it would work on her since she is older, but you guys – her eyelashes are amazing!

I spent several weeks researching what serum I should purchase. At first I was thinking of trying Latisse, but upon hearing that it can possibly change your eye color I quickly crossed that one off my list. I was looking something for something that was a little more on the natural side, and I stumbled upon Grande Lash MD.

For the first couple of weeks I used the serum alone and just a slight warning my eyelids (mainly the area where I lined my lids) were a bit red. This went away within several days; however everyone’s eyes are different and you may experience a different reaction. I then proceeded to add castor oil to my treatment. To make it easier to apply the oil on my lashes and to really get the oil on to each individual lash, I purchased a tube with a mascara wand (I later switched to using individual mascara wands as they are more sanitary and don’t collect that much oil). This combination of the serum and castor oil worked wonders for my lashes.

Now I did this treatment for about 3/4 months. I began to see a difference I would say within 2 months, but the full effect didn’t come until the 3 month mark. I was very diligent and applied it every night before bed and in the end my lashes were very long (I believe mainly due to the serum) and very thick (mainly due to the castor oil). I stopped this treatment after 4/5 months and while my lashes didn’t go back to how they were, they are definitely not as long and thick as they were with using the treatment.

I highly, highly recommend trying this little combo! It will truly help grow your lashes!

Have you tried any other eyelash serums? I would love to know!


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